Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun and Games

I have been so busy that a large amount of the "Estate Sale of the Century" finds have been sitting just waiting for me to take the time to open, admire and share.

I think it says something that I haven't gotten around to going through all the packages that I purchased, but more about that later. On the plus side, it should help me from doing more shopping since I can just dig in to this bag of treasures when I feel the need.

Yeah, like that happened.

I just had to stop at another estate sale this Thursday. Hit the mother-lode of "Made in Japan" vintage chenille package ties and vintage velvet ribbons. I try to kid myself that I do not have a problem by hiding them in the stash of items from the last sale. So if it seems that I post time and time again about the incredible finds of this sale, I might be lying. But I digress.

Every crafter, scrapper and altering artist knows that we have a thing and I mean a
thing, for games. Vintage game pieces, bingo cards, and the like just seem to send us in a frenzy. I don't play bingo, Scrabble or checkers, but I'll' be damned if I can't find a way to stick a game piece on any random layout, card or tag and trust me, I am not alone.

So, of course, when I saw they had a table full of toys and such, I was there throwing things in my bag almost sight unseen.

There was a bag of about 40 mixed vintage wood checkers for $1.50. In addition, I grabbed two more complete boxes of 24 for $1.00 each. What I will do with 70+ checkers is not really the point, so don't ask me about it again.

Okay, this find really made my heart skip a beat. A while back, my awesome pal Pete had sent me a link to an Etsy seller that had some of these cards for sale. My exact comment to her was "Why can't I ever find these?" Low and behold, three weeks later, here they were! Now they weren't black like the cards we saw, but I grabbed them up for $2. I wasn't sure what I would do with them since the red didn't really jive with the Halloween vibe I was going for, but once again, it was Pete to the rescue.....Vintage Inspired Gothic Valentines. How cool is that? Almost as cool as having a friend with inspiration to spare.

What is it about Bingo that we love so much? Again, I have cards on layouts, tags and all sort of altered items, and don't get me wrong they look awesome. I can't resist them, but why? I don't play Bingo. The only person I know that plays Bingo is my Ex and as much as I would love to do a layout about him only leaving the house to go gambling at the Bingo parlor with his Mommy and his Aunties, I think it might be seen as mean....... Okay, back on topic, now. I found this complete vintage Bingo set including cards, markers and all for $2.

Get a load of this awesome set of dominoes. Do you see the lovely dotted texture on the marker side? How about the incredible detailed engraving on the back. The fact that they are tagged Japan..... *sigh*.........and all for the price of a candy bar.

Finally, I found this huge bag of vintage letters. I am assuming they were from some game. Maybe a spelling or school game? I thought they would be great to spell out a page title or one of those altered and inspirational sayings like this.........

Or maybe this.........


This is me: Sweet Pete said...

OMG, I am sitting here LOL'ing at your "Stop buying shit". No really that's funny!! Can I just say that you're a funny writter. I'm really enjoying reading what you have to say. Like the ex & bingo....too funny!

Rachel said...

I about peed myself when I got to the STOP BUYING SHIT! Love it! I watch Hoarders to try to tame my shopping habits...all it does is make me want to go run to the thrift store and shop!!!!

Peg said...

very funny ;) Love your stop buying shit sign :D I need one for my studio.

aimee said...

I need that sign too. However now I'm sitting here drooling over your finds and trying to figure out if I can fit some estate sale in this weekend. It's a sickness.