Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Begining to Look a lot Like Christmas..........

Or not.

But I would like it to look like Christmas, which is strange. I was just lamenting to one of my more decorator inspired pals that I hate how we go from Halloween decorations (in early September) to Christmas taking over before we are even allowed to Trick or Treat.

Then last week, I went in to Michael's. They had row after row of Christmas decorations, ribbons, garlands, ornaments. Don't even get me started on the craft supplies. To push me over the edge once and for all, they threw in a huge container of those cinnamon and orange soaked pine cones.

Screw Thanksgiving. I'm already fat and don't need to eat and entire left over pie as a consolation for staying out of the mall on Black Friday. Besides, I think I am ready to switch out my current fall tablescape.........

Yes, it really does look like that.

I have a confession to make. Last Christmas, I was a bit of a grinch or bitch or some other four letter word, depending on who you ask. I didn't decorate.

Not a bit.

I didn't even get a tree.

I was having one of those....."Christmas is so much work and I have to do everything and none of you ever help because you are all jerks incapable of appreciating me or anything that I do for you which is everything by the way and none of you care any ways because if you cared you would say the house looks lovely and thank you and I end up working so hard for nothing and so we will have no Christmas and that will show you because that is all you deserve because you all suck so there."

About 3 days before Christmas, Austin said "I can't believe you really didn't get a Christmas tree." So, of course, the only person that really sucked was me. I tried to turn it around and say that we are going for that whole minimalist thing. We will still be all together as a family and that is all that matters, which IS true, but I missed the spirit of the season. Missed it by about 1,000,000 miles.

I adore Christmas. My favorite childhood memories are of my mom going all out in every room in the house. Unpacking the Christmas boxes, unwrapping the decorations. It was almost as good as Christmas morning, oohing and ahhing over the beloved treasures only seen a couple of weeks out of the year.

So, this year, I am going all out. Day after Thanksgiving.

I will still eat a whole pie, but it will be for the energy and sugar rush needed to deck this house out. I will put Buddy's spin at Gimbel's to shame.

It should be fun as it will give me a chance to put to use all the vintage goodies I have acquired over the past year of estate sale-ing to use.

Following is the equivalent of the scrapbooking sticker sneeze......the blogger's picture sneeze.

Here are some of my favorite finds that are helping me to get in the mood...................

Vintage Chenille covered ornaments with mercury glass centers.
Can I just tell you how much I adore the 70's colors....avocado, orange and harvest gold.

Snowman ornament. I am not sure of it's origins, but it looks very Made in Japan to me. Since he has a Styrofoam head instead of spun cotton, I am thinking he may be a reproduction.

1950's Holt Howard winking Santa mug.

Two cute Made in Japan ornaments. They have all the best features, don't they? Velveteen paper, rhinestones, perfectly tarnished bells and Dresden golden paper trim.

I nabbed over a dozen of these vintage pins at a very recent estate sale. They were .50 each. Yes, all that chenille pissed off snow man face goodness for .5o!
I adore them. Adore them. Seriously. Adore them.
They are new "old stock" and even though they are completely the Made in Japan style, they are tagged Marshall Fields & Company and even cost $2.50 back in the day!!

These two cuties are a bit worse for the wear, but for $1 each, I could not resist their faces. I really need to figure out a way to clean them up without ruining their flocking or vintage appeal. For now, though, I am happy with their holiday sweetness.

Vintage elf Christmas paper scrap.
I really want to frame this somehow, but not sure how to make it work.

The colors on this one lands this in my top 10 favorite angel finds. Because at this point, I have bought so much shit that I need to break it in to top 10's by categories.

Finally, this is one of my favorite "vignettes."
Yes, I said vignettes.
So there.
This one has some of my best treasures. I adore bottle brush trees and have tons of them everywhere. Add in a sculpture of, well, I don't know what it is, but I adore him. I have his brother (who is done up in shiny eggplant and gold) in my bedroom. I should do some research so that I know what I have, but I do know that they were from an artist in San Fransisco. They are tagged '04 and with the initials HL. Blizz is the amazing snowman done by an incredible folk artist, PineStreetJunction.
Finish it up with my childhood favorite Hagen-Renaker minatures...this one is a deer.....and a Made in Japan golden flocked velvet angel.

Are you in the mood yet? I am. Check back in on me on Black Friday. Hopefully all that pie won't change things.


Rachel said...

Ah, you were a Grinchy Bitchy! LOL! I was on the verge of not decorating but my kids are too young! I am at a point where I have so much, it is OVERWHELMING! Maybe that was your problem :(
I am glad you found all your vintage goodies!!!!!

mom said...

So if you come to your mom's on Thanksgiving, not only will she hook you up with that pie, but she has about 50 of those angry faced pipe cleaner thingys for you! And some really dorky paper mache' Santa boots!

This is me: Sweet Pete said...

I remember you were being bitchy last Christmas. No big deal. I've been there done that. I want to some day just skip Christmas & go on vacation somewhere tropical. Think about it, all the money we spend on cheesy gifts, postage, wrapping paper, Christmas cards, etc; it would all pay for a vacation. Seriously. Some day. ;-)

As for your wrapping paper, love it! I think you should get a series of frames, like maybe 5 or so. And just cut up your paper to fit in 3 & the other 2 use like a red velvet demask scrap paper or wallpaper. And put those out every Christmas. That would look really sweet!