Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Estate Sale of the Century

Last Friday, I hit my personal estate sale lottery. It was just the most amazing sale. A break out in cold sweat, oh my word I must have everything in this house, heart pounding, frenzy of an estate sale.

I know, I need help.

I know I do.

But really, you had to be there.

I walked out with about 5 bags stuffed full of all of my favorite vintage finds and more. I just have to share with someone, so its going to have to be here. It will take numerous posts and I hope you stick with me and share my excitement. If not, I hope you realize I *know* that I have issues and this is one of them. Besides, my only other option is to share with Jon and I fear that will lead to an episode of "Hoarders" in my near future.

On to the good stuff!!

This was in the garage. On the floor. Tossed aside. I picked it up because I am nosy and pick up everything not nailed down. Then I started a little bit of hyperventilating. That is not an exaggeration. It was about 110 degrees in the garage, so can I blame it on that?

I saw a glimpse of something special in the bag, but didn't want to let on and perhaps jack up the price. See how I am slick like that? So all nonchalant, I asked for the price. He said, "Is a dollar too much?" I said I had a dollar handy and I was good to go! When I got home, look at the treasure I found..............

This was the $1 bag as I found it.

This is a peek in the bag, a glimpse of what I first saw.

Once I sorted it all out, this is what I found.....*sigh*

There were about 3 dozen of these pink, sugary, glittery bells. I have never seen them this small before, just about about 1/4 inch tall. Made in Japan and with perfectly tarnished mercury glass beads in the center of each.

There were some small spun cotton birds, dainty and covered with clear glass glitter.

The majority of the bag were these vintage flowers. They are perfectly aged in a way that tea dying just can not achieve and so delicately made out of amazing crepe paper.

Look at the subtle hint of the original pale pink in each of the buds.

A handful of aged mercury glass beads.

Aren't these just the most adorable acorn tops?

Okay, this one is just weird. Strange angel face. I don't know if he would bless me or not and that is the most un-fluffy cloud I have ever seen, plastic or not.

An orchestra of pink angels. Look at the way the gold on the wings has achieved the perfect patina. The worn gold with a tinge of aqua and green. These normally wouldn't be my style, but I admit, I don't see myself giving these up any time soon.

Here are the lovely angels in chartreuse.

And again in baby blue.

The complete Heavenly band.

I can't tell you how happy these kinds of finds make me. It is such a silly thing, but it just seems like such a score. I know its not important in the grand scheme of things. Its just stuff. Stuff. Stuff that will probably end up in a bag in my garage 20+ years down the road from now. Stuff that will make my son wonder why did she keep all this crap? Make him say "I knew she was crazy for craft supplies and Christmas decorations but damn, this is kind of just ridiculous." "Let's just put a $1 price tag on all of it and hope it sells."

I know that stuff won't make you truly happy in the end.

But for now, it does.

And I am okay with that for the most part.

Besides, its officially my stuff now. Mine. While I have it, I am going to love it, enjoy it and maybe even eventually share it.


Meridy said...

I cannot BELIEVE you got all of those goodies for $1!!!! Good job! I'm jealous :)

Jeann said...

Found your page through Flickr. Gotta tel you - those angels are fabulous. I remember my mom having a set on our fireplace when I was little. My sister and I would re-arrange the band almost every day. They are so beautiful. What a wonderful sale that must have been. Thanks for sharing.

Kelleylo said...

OMG! What a score! Awesome bounty! We need to get you here for some of that "find" mojo!