Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Ornament Swap

I always tell myself, I won't get over my head. I won't get over my head.


I won't.

Well, let's just say we can all see how that turns out.

This swap just about put me over the edge. Well, totally over the edge. I had all these great ideas, none of which worked. I wish I was better about going with the flow. Unfortunately, not on my list of positive traits. Once I get an idea in my head, I just swear it is going to work, regardless of all the obvious signs that it is not.

That said, this was my third attempt at at a Halloween ornament. I am happy with the way that they came out and I definitely have a list of do's and don'ts for the next time I attempt to make them. Which checking on my list of swaps, appears to be next week.


Next week.

The first issue with this was the sheer number of them. I needed to make 20. TWENTY. Regardless of the fact that I had lots of time to do them, that is a LOT of cones, especially to someone with no and I do mean no time management skills.

Let's get started...........

I started making the cones out of my absolute favorite go-to Halloween paper from Making Memories. It is an older release, but I find it very versatile and a great base. I lined them with vintage crepe paper and I will never do that again. It didn't stick well and once I did get it to stick, it tore easily. After all of the stress of getting it all to stay together, you can barely see it in the finished product. On the plus side, the unseen grommets are a definite yes. They added to the strength of the cone, the hanging ribbon and will help it last through repeated use. I was able to throw in a small vintage detail with the silky covered ornaments used to finish out the bottom of the cone.

I love my new Martha Stewart scoring board. At first, I thought it wasn't really necessary but after hearing so many rave reviews, I caved. It is totally worth the cost. I made little medallions out of Basic Grey paper and it went so much quicker with my handy new tool.

I die-cut some pumpkins out of more Basic Grey. In order to dress them up a bit and make them special, I heat embossed the body with black glitter, inked the edges, and backed them with a layer of black card stock for a bit of dimension and definition. I added some Patina Stickles to the stem, hand typed * Halloween * on a little manila banner, inking the edges with some Distress Inks. I finished them up with some tinsel trim around the top and tinsel pipe cleaner around the bottom.

Tah-DAH.............................20 finished ornaments.

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Kelleylo said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! You always amaze me Stephanie!